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Timeline: Jan. 2020 - Dec. 2025

La Escuela de Corporealidad y Artes Sutiles (working title) is a choreographic research incubator, queer club space, performance venue, land-based initiative, and healing center serving Black, Indigenous, Queer, and Trans (BIQTPOC) artists, healers, herbalists, and activists of color. I intend to create an initial hub in the San Francisco Bay Area (or New Mexico) and then an additional sister node in Central America and Europe whilst simultaneously creating a network between La Escuela and other pre-existing schools, residency programs, and organizations that are in alignment with the values and mission of La Escuela in the U.S. and abroad. La Escuela will be an intergenerational, international, and interdisciplinary platform that will focus on generating living archives, embodiment, phenomenology and consciousness, neuroaesthetics, somatics and healing practices, ecological constellations, farming, choreographic excavation and research, performance as ritual, reclaiming ancestral lineage, erotic practices, and socially engaged-praxis. My aim is to engender an ecologically sustainable and mutable physical edifice that is architecturally designed to shape-shift to respond to and meet the specific needs of the respective BIQTPOC artists moving through the space, which inevitably reflects the hybridity and plasticity and cosmological depth of our bodies, resilience, and essence.


It feels critical in this time of hyper fascism, social unrest, and ecological devastation to engender a space that allows for my community and I to rest, re-member, dream, access and unlock ancestral wisdom that is stored in our bones and that is not for sale to any art market. La Escuela seeks to implement choreographic structures in service of rehearsing into existence new ways of being in relation to earth, economy, community, intimacy, governance, survivorship, and systems by choreographing alternative pathways through embodied unlearning, undoing, and repatterning inherited conditioning, harm, and intergenerational trauma. La Escuela seeks to bring to the surface all that has been relegated to the confines of the shadows to be embraced and transmuted through compassion, tender awareness, and heart-centered conversation that strengthens our collective resilience by learning how to be with discomfort as a skill and honing intuition as a generative force for manifestation. La Escuela aims to be in right relation to the Indigenous stewards of the lands that Spirit calls for La Escuela to be located within by inviting these folks into the planning conversations and ensuring that they too have a long-term stake in the unfolding of this project in a way that goes beyond baseline land acknowledgment practices. This is about deepening relationship to self, about radical healing work that takes place at the level of the root, about celebrating incremental gestures of liberation and empowerment, about pleasure, and about taking up space in a world that would rather see us dead than alive. La Escuela recognizes that this is not the first apocalypse or pandemic that our people have survived.

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